Vihtavuori N32C TIN STAR Smokeless Gun Powder 1 lb


Cowboy Action Shooters use lead bullets with single-action revolvers and lever-action rifles. Vihtavuori N32C TIN STAR Powder For Sale In Stock Now powder has low bulk density. Gun powder with low load density doesn’t fill the case. Vihtavuori N32C Tin Star Powder for Sale fixes this and works well with Cowboy Action cartridges like the.38 Special,.44 Special, and.45 Colt.

N32C’s key feature is loading volume. Its porous powder allows black powder cartridge loading density. 50% more case filling than N320. Reloaders can’t double or triple load high volume cases, making the powder safer. Tin Star always ignites, burns cleanly, and leaves minimal residue.

It meters easily to make dependable, high-quality loads. Consistent handloads. Vihtavuori N32C Tin Star delivers! Vihtavuori N32C Tin Star Powder For Sale shoots multiple pistol calibers, including Cowboy Action Shooting rounds. Subsonic and blank loads utilize it.